i-street Best of the Best Selections issue 7

i-street free standing galleries are curated by our small band of street photgraphy lovers. Selections are from images posted to International Street Photography Group on facebook @ http://i-street-group.com We welcome everyone with an interest in Street Photography, we even have a NEW group for "Film Shooters" Enjoy and share, Thanks! i-street team. ALL the groups "Best of the Best" selections get posted to ALL our platforms at our Facebook page Gallery, Twitter, Flickr, instagram & Facebook Group Gallery. Have fun out there guys.
  • Stefan Cimer
    * Stefan Cimer Framed this subject so well, the powerless taking centre stage we like Congratulations Your great image has been selected "Best of the Best"
  • Dimitri Bletsis
    * Dimitri Bletsis Always great to see the next generation taking its place on the street, lets hope these guys lives turn out as well as this kmage, fabulous!…
  • Mitra Zingmark
    * Mitra Zingmark This really isn't street, but it is really great, has people in a public place and we love it, so fabulous! Congratulations Your great image…
  • Shimi Cohen
    * Shimi Cohen Love the story between these two guys, I see a confident boy and not so girl? Great street jmage Congratulations
  • Christopher Verniers
    * Christopher Verniers Jodie, Jeanette & me like this, the voyeur in us I think, fabulous Congratulations
  • Yè Naing
    * Yè Naing Great image, framed within framed makes the composition more interesting while the little guy making glasses is fabulous, well done! Congratulations
  • Daniel Robinson
    * Daniel Robinson We see echoes of a tradition here, an old school street feel we love, well done! Congratulations
  • Alexander Heine
    * Alexander Heine While we see lots of images like this, we think this is particularly striking, has great strong coloud movement all makes it stand out from…